About Us

CRM Insurance Online is a portfolio of specialist online legal indemnity products provided and arranged by Conveyancing Risk Management Limited and include extensive coverage and market leading risk management solutions within the residential and commercial marketplace, covering limits of indemnity up to £3m. For indemnity in excess of £3m please contact us and we will tailor bespoke cover specific to your needs.

Our mission is to strive to provide the right solution every time. To be here when you need us; matching your needs with innovative solutions, giving you the confidence to recommend us to your clients.

Our focus is to strive to create and sustain a responsive partnership, focusing on mutual customer objectives through a sense of shared responsibility.

We consistently deliver high quality products led by a team of underwriters, who want and value your business.

High levels of internal authority are in place, supporting speed of decision making.

We continue to invest heavily in our business, people and business partner relationships.

We strive to equip our people with outstanding commercial, technical and leadership skills.

We are here for the duration, building on our reputation of a sound and trustworthy underwriting agency with strong links to A-rated insurance providers, making us the legal indemnity provider of choice.

If you are looking to source management of risk solutions to meet your clients legal indemnity needs, you are just a click away from access to a wide range of cover from Chancel Repair Liability, Planning & Building Regulations, to Restrictive Covenant and Defective Title.

If you have a more complex matter, we do not require proposal forms to be completed, all you need to do is submit your enquiry or request a quotation, initially providing a summary of the risk together with supporting documentation, an underwriter who is highly experienced in knowing the good and bad risks, will contact you and offer you the right cover to eliminate or manage this risk at a competitive premium.